is it hard writing?

Somedays all my ideas and words come to me and I can just get through with writing in a breeze. But other days it’s a struggle and I be feeling like ‘bruh, I’m giving up.’ So my answer is yes and no.

What are golden showers lol

I didn’t know what it was at first so I googled it and it’s this

The act of urinating on another person, usually for sexual gratification, or as a way of humiliation. More common than a Golden bath, where, during anal sex, one partner urinates into the colon of the other.


Aug what's your fav thing to do as far as affection goes ? Like are u big on cuddling, hugging, kissing, what

Aug: all’at I prefer kissin’ n cuddlin’ tho

Aug has the groupies gotten more reckless since they found out you and Brook were together. Like do u see them trying even harder since you're in a relationship.

Aug: yea, but dey can try all dey wan’ but dey ain’ gon’ get nowhea’

Aug how do you feel about your shows being sold out already for your tour

Aug: it’s a blessin’ I ‘preciate all ma fans n’ supporters

It depends on what Aug ? (As far as Brook being in control)

Aug: depends on ha I’m feelin’

Brook what is your fave song of testimony and will you be on tour with him

Brook: umm can I say all of them? But if I had to pick I would say ‘Mama’ and ‘Testify’. I won’t be there for all his shows only a few only.

Aug how do you handle the groupies now that world know you in a relationship?

Aug: i’on pay em no mind. It’s not much I can really do besides ignore em.

Aug and brook what yall feel about golden showers

Aug: *frowns* da fuck? hell nah.

Brook: how about no.

Aug nothing is wrong with yoga pants and shorts.

Aug: yoga pants coo’ but tha shorts nah.