Anonymous said: It's going go be okay Kiana. Remember all the great times you guys shared.

Kiana: *smiles* thanks, bae. I know it’s just something I have to get use to now I guess.

Anonymous said: Kiana how are feeling right now???

Kiana: Numb. I just wish my grandad was here.

Anonymous said: Since you are there eat like you ain't never are before!!!! Their food is so good!!!!

Brook: *laughs* oh trust me, I plan too

Anonymous said: Brook I'm proud of you😘😘😘😘!!!! You in New Orleans yet?

Brook: thank you!! and yes we’re here

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Aug and J. ©fyeahiloveaugustalsina

Anonymous said: I don't really know how to word it but your style of writing this chapter was beautiful. I can tell you took your time to find the perfect wording and evoke just the right emotion from the reader. And that last line? My heart melted. Great Chapter but are we going to find out what happened outside of the club with Benny?

Oh my God thank you! :3

We won’t find out about Benny until Brooklyn’s POV.

lovingagain3 said: Well it's about damn time Brook told August everything. Smh ... Good for you Brooklyn. You ain't slick though -_- what happened with ha and Benny though ? Mhmmmmm lol JK Great Chapter as always ^_^.

Thanks, babe :) unfortunately you wont hear about what happened with Benny until Brook get a POV which is a while from now.

iamryanl said: This was the best chapter you have ever written. I'm so in my feelings about Kiana's whole situation. I hope everything gets better for her. She will eventually find her way. Brook finally let it out and now I hope she knows that what she is/was going through is nothing to be a shame of. At the end of the day when you take away the fame and the money they both are still human. It's so sweet that he really cares so much about her. It was a reason god introduced Kiana and Brook which lead to Aug.

This was the best chapter you have ever written

Thank you, baby :)

I’m sure everything will fall in place for Ki, she knows her grandpa is in a better place now and she deserves happiness and a good man (Austin) she just as to let Michael go.

At the end of the day when you take away the fame and the money they both are still human.

This is so true, they both are dealing with real life problems, problems that everyday people go through. It just basically goes to show like in Brooks case happiness isn’t based off of the material things and the amount of money you have.

iamryanl said: Did you get my feedback?

I got it :)